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Wide range of plywood we offer suits multiple applications: Beech plywood, with similar properties to Birch, has dense core layers, and its strengt and hardness suits perfectly any furniture and construction application. Poplar is lighter, with clear faces, perfect for applications where weight plays an important role. We also offer Okoume, Marine, and other types of plywood per inquiries.

Raw Birch plywood

Birch is perfect combination of strenghts and weight. Famous for its edge with minimal voids in the core and thin layers, Russian Birch plywood represents

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Film Faced Birch plywood

Birch Plywood covered with resin-treated paper film, making it a perfect solution for formworking. While film provides smooth finish, dense birch veneers help keep the

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Beech Plywood

Due to its core density and strenght, raw Beech plywood is perfectly suitable for furniture frame. Beech plywood has no patches on the faces, rather

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