Our value-add facility provides solutions specifically designed to fit your manufacturing needs.


Specialty Penels

We also carry non-standard types of plywood, such as: Okoume Marine plywood- a perfect solution for the boat industry, Fire Retardant plywood- for the hotel industry, or anyone wanting to slow down the burning process, or panels with fancy veneers- where we give you an opportunity to lay a veneer of any desired lumber on top of Russian Birch, or Italian Poplar.

Oukume Marine Plywood

Oukume throughout Marine: a panel perfect for outdoor use, or any type of boat construction. Due to its strong structure, it is even used for interior components.

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Italian Poplar Plywood

Famous for its light weight, Italian Poplar fits perfectly those customers and segments where light weight is a priority, for example: transport, wall panels, and certain types of furniture.

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